Wednesday, 31 August 2016

It's September tomorrow.......what?

Where on earth has August gone? I’m serious! I actually cannot believe it’s September TOMORROW! Anyone else?
Since it is apparently September tomorrow I thought it might be about time to refocus my health and fitness goals. I’ve been on a few holidays in the past couple of months, overindulging and doing hardly any exercise so although I’ve been better since coming home I still think it’s beneficial to sit down every now and again and reset! 

What do I mean by reset? I like reviewing my fitness and eating habits and working out what I can do for the next months to reach my goals. I’m trying to avoid plateauing and losing motivation by mixing thing up every now and again.

What I’m doing

1. Tracking what I eat
By this I just mean I plan on keeping a food diary showing what I’m consuming. I DO NOT MEAN COUNTING CALORIES. I always check food labels to see the amount of calories just out of good sense but I’m going to write down the amount of calories I consume because there isn’t any point for me and my goals.I find keeping track of what I eat really helps me spot if I’m eating enough protein and veg or too much sugar and carbs.

2.  Drinking more water
I’m making a conscious effort to drink at least two litres of water ever day. There are so many health benefits of drinking more water and I feel it reduces my hunger.

3. Adding more cardio
At the beginning of July I started a beginners weights regime because I fancied trying something different but now I think I need to up my cardio again. I’m doing this by attempting to run to the gym! My gym is only about 2km away but it’s nearly all up hill running on the way there. Adding a ten minute run before and after my weights workout in the gym will go a long way in increasing my cardio exercise for the week.

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