Sunday, 28 August 2016

I'm not a beauty blogger!

My blog has just had it’s one month anniversary! Woo! If I’m honest I didn’t even think I’d still be blogging a month later but here I am so I thought this would be a good time to reflect on what I’ve learnt so far.

It’s 24 hour job
Blogging definitely isn’t a matter of sitting at your computer for an hour, typing a few paragraphs, adding a few pictures, publishing and leaving it be! I feel like I’m constantly tweeting, posting photos on instagram, commenting on instagram photos, commenting on blog posts and just spending so much time on social media to try and build a following! This doesn’t include the hours I spend reading other blogs and just searching the internet for inspiration!  

Writing is hard
Continuing from above, writing a blog post I’m proud of takes TIME. Something I’m yet to mention on my blog is that my first language is Welsh not English, and because I’ve had my education through Welsh, I haven’t actually written anything in English for about two years! I think this has contributed to me struggling to find my voice and actually finding it quite hard to write posts I’m happy with. I’m just hoping that practice makes perfect and I’ll get better the more I write!

I’m not a beauty blogger
Before I created Life in Lipstick and Leggings, I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted to write about. I decided I’d write about what I felt like and that so far has seemed to be very health and fitness related and also a little travel related (Dubrovnik blog to come!). I did write one blog about my favourite beauty products but I deleted it a week later because I really wasn’t happy with it! I don’t know how to write about products and I have no expertise so who should people listen to what I say about make up anyway! I might attempt to write about make up in the future but for now I’m going to stick to things I find easier to write about.

Twitter Chats
I didn’t know there were such things as twitter chat’s before i started my blog! They are so much fun and a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and to get more readers for your blog! I also didn’t know that there were twitter account you could hashtag and they’d retweet your blog. I’m definitely learning something new every day.

It makes me happy
I’ve never really thought of myself as a creative person. In primary school I wanted to be a journalist but over the past few years subjects like maths and science have definitely taken more of my attention than English and Literature but I really love writing. I might not be any good at it but I certainly find it therapeutic and at the end of the day if I love the process of writing and get excited by coming up with ideas for posts or pictures who cares if anyone’s reading!

I really haven’t got that many followers and I have less than ten posts but I’ve had such a busy month and I’m even more motivated now to put more time and energy into Life in Lipstick and Leggings! 

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